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Friday, 29 April 2016

What is Cued Articulation?

In Term One and the beginning of term 2 we have been learning to:
  • recognize all 26 upper and lower case letters 
  • identify the dominant sound each letter represents
  • make plausible attempts at writing letters in Victorian Modern Cursive font
We have been using a cuing system created by Jane Passy called cued articulation to help students identify the type of sound each letter makes and to cue them into making this sound.
As a prep team, we have found that pairing a visual of the letter, it's name and finger cue has increased the students accuracy in recalling the letter names and sounds.  A vital skill needed when learning to read and write.
You can learn more about Jane Passy and Cued Articulation by
                visiting the Sounds for Learning website;              

Below is a clip which demonstrates the formation of each cue.  Some of the cues for the vowel sounds and blends are not used currently in the classroom with the students.

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