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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Immersion Morning!

On Friday we had our Prep Immersion morning for our Term Two Inquiry Unit "We Hold the World in Our Hands." Students got to participate in play based activities within 3 different spaces: The Weather, The Four Seasons and Living Things. The students had a ball with highlights from the three different spaces included: playing with pretend snow, investigating vegetables with a magnifying glass and sketching snowflakes. Here is a clip with photos from our day.


  1. My favourite activity was using the magnifying glass to strengthen my sense of sight when I used my eyes to look at the fresh vegetables and seeds. My least favourite activity was cleaning up.... but THANKS to some amazing parent helpers and school support officers, that activity was over before I knew it !!! Hope you had fun Prep W, Prep M had heaps of fun :)

  2. This looks so fantastic! Well done to all the children for participating in such great activities - you look like you had lots of fun! Thank you to Miss W, Miss M & Miss B for finding such creative ways to get our children to learn 😊 From Parker & Alannah's Mummy