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Friday, 29 April 2016

Letter Names and Sounds

It is very important that students know ALL letter names and sounds in both upper and lower case, to help them decode unknown words when reading. 
As I have spoken to a few parents about the learning letter names and sounds, I have attached files with the Victorian Modern Cursive Font letters that you can make into flashcards, or use as you wish. We have been learning them throughout Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2 by using flashcards and saying the letter name, then the sound it makes along with using cued articulation (see previous post.) 

Victorian Modern Cursive Flashcards 

What is Cued Articulation?

In Term One and the beginning of term 2 we have been learning to:
  • recognize all 26 upper and lower case letters 
  • identify the dominant sound each letter represents
  • make plausible attempts at writing letters in Victorian Modern Cursive font
We have been using a cuing system created by Jane Passy called cued articulation to help students identify the type of sound each letter makes and to cue them into making this sound.
As a prep team, we have found that pairing a visual of the letter, it's name and finger cue has increased the students accuracy in recalling the letter names and sounds.  A vital skill needed when learning to read and write.
You can learn more about Jane Passy and Cued Articulation by
                visiting the Sounds for Learning website;              

Below is a clip which demonstrates the formation of each cue.  Some of the cues for the vowel sounds and blends are not used currently in the classroom with the students.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Immersion Morning!

On Friday we had our Prep Immersion morning for our Term Two Inquiry Unit "We Hold the World in Our Hands." Students got to participate in play based activities within 3 different spaces: The Weather, The Four Seasons and Living Things. The students had a ball with highlights from the three different spaces included: playing with pretend snow, investigating vegetables with a magnifying glass and sketching snowflakes. Here is a clip with photos from our day.