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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Patterns in Mathematics!

This term in Mathematics, as part of one of our units, we have been learning about patterns. We have been learning that there are different patterns such as ABABA or ABCABC or ABBA. As part of our learning about patterns, we created rainbow patterns looking at different colours.

Topsy Turvy Dress Up Day!

We had a ball yesterday for our topsy turvy dress up day. Students enjoyed dressing up as teachers and teachers had even more fun dress up as a students!! In Prep W we had students dress up as Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Healy, Miss Walton, Ms. Stoove, Mr. Missen and Mr. Geyer!! Was a fun day had by all and lots of money was raised for Caritas. Thanks everyone for putting in lots of effort in your costumes.

-Miss Walton

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Whole Body Listening!

As part of our Inquiry unit, we have been learning about the 4 B's at St. Mary's. One of our 4B's is 'Be a listener.' We have been learning about how we can be a listener in the classroom through whole body listening. Students labelled parts of the body that make up whole body listening. See below!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Our Buddies!

A highlight for our Preps is having a Year 6 buddy! So far we have loved seeing, playing and getting to know our buddies. Here is a slideshow of our buddies! In the comments section below, tell us the best thing about having a Year 6 buddy! Hopefully the video now works... if not try this link :)